The Wonderful World of Gaming In Libraries

Hello!  My name’s Hillary and I’m the guest blogger for the month of February.  I’m the Head of Youth Services at the Clearview Library District where we’ve been playing games with our patrons for years.

Play is such a wonderful thing!  As super-awesome children’s librarians, we already know the value of play.  Play is the medium by which young children learn – and guess what?  People of all ages learn this way too!  How else would we learn that “Qi” and “Qats” are real words if not for Scrabble and Words with Friends?  Seriously.  I’ve never seen them in a book before (excepting perhaps the dictionary I used to look them up while getting my rear kicked by a fellow gameplayer.)

So this month’s topic of Gaming will explore how to capitalize on play and how games can become a part of your library’s services and programs.  And, just as importantly, how to convey their worth to your stakeholders.  I encourage you to check back often because I’m not going to stop at one blog post.  I’ve got tons to share and I hope I can win you guys over to the power and fun of gaming.

Let’s get started with a discussion question:  What is your favorite game to play?


2 responses to “The Wonderful World of Gaming In Libraries

  1. Well, my favorite game used to be Guitar Hero, but I haven’t played that in a couple of years. Now I’m not sure, I haven’t played any games lately! Ack! I do like games though. Anyone want to play a game? I’m open to learning new ones. Oh yeah, Harry Potter Uno was another favorite I used to play in grad school.


  2. Hmm…this is a hard question for me to answer because I love so many games (but I guess that’s why I’m writing these posts :).) All-time favorites include: Gloom, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Rummikub, Gin Rummy, Oh Hell, the list goes on and on. But right now, I just learned how to play Magic the Gathering and I must admit, I’m a bit of a dork for this game – it’s so fun with so many possibilities! Rest assured, I will spend time later this month going into all these great games and more with ideas on how use incorporate them into your library.

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