Modern Gaming Experiences: 6 Categories

When thinking about how games can be utilized in libraries, there are six types of gaming experiences to consider:

1. Knowledge: games that focus on using acquired knowledge or learning new things

2. Strategy: games that employ decision-making and tactics; the mechanics of the game rely heavily on logical thinking and execution

3. Action: games that emphasize but are not limited to physical challenges, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time

4. Narrative: games that involve a storytelling aspect

5.  Social: games that are meant to be played as a group, sometimes with little to no skill level required and usually luck or humor based

6. Creative: games that test or build creativity, games that involve making something

For the next six posts, I’ll go into each experience category, giving examples of games that fall into each category and offering some ideas on how each one can become a library program or service.


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