Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan, posted by Julie

invisibilityStephen is invisible.  For all of his sixteen years, no person has ever seen him.Not even his parents.  He has no idea why, his parents would not tell him, and now his father has moved away and his mother is dead and he is on his own in an apartment in Manhattan.

Elizabeth and her mother and brother have just moved to Manhattan to escape the violent bullying in their hometown.  As she is moving bags into her apartment, she sees a boy standing in front of a door two away from hers.  As she struggles, she asks him “Are you really going to just stand there?  Is this fun for you?’

Elizabeth can see Stephen.

After she tries to introduce Stephen to her brother and is accused of having an imaginary boyfriend, Elizabeth decides to help Stephen find out why he is invisible, and if there is a cure.  A love story with a twist – even in New York City people will look at you funny for kissing the air next to you!


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