The Eye of Minds by James Dashner, posted by Julie

eyeMichael begins his story watching a young woman commit suicide by leaping off a bridge. He can’t stop her, and when trying, goes over the bridge with her. Good thing Michael is only “playing” in a virtual world known as Lifeblood. Michael is an expert gamer, able to manipulate code and make the game go as he likes. He and his friends, Bryson and Sarah enjoy their time together in the virtual world, the VirtNet. That is until Michael is forced to work with the government to catch a hacker named Kaine. Kaine is manipulating the virtual world, trying to implement the Mortality Doctrine, and change the way the game is played forever. Michael and his friends hack into a dangerous world where reality and virtual life mix and meld into a scary, dangerous place. If Michael survives, what “life” if any, will he able to go back to?

The first in a new series by the author of The Maze Runner series, this is also a Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award nominee.


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