Makey Makey

Post by  Ginger R. Conly 
Children’s Services Librarian, Englewood Public Library 

Nothing eases the stress of commuting on a snow-packed morning quite like turning two bananas and three tangerines into a keyboard.

You heard that right.

That’s one of the many intriguing new programming ideas for this year’s STEM theme for summer reading presented at the inaugural CAL CATS Division Winter Workshop. Testing cereal for iron with magnets, creating chocolate bar labels, and homemade ice cream are easy and fun ways to get young library visitors excited about STEM topics. However, my favorite (and I’ll note healthier) programming presentation involved the MaKey MaKey device from Sparkfun – a local electronics retailer out of Boulder, CO.

So, what exactly is a MaKey MaKey?

Well, according to the Sparkfun website, “MaKey MaKey allows you to turn11511-06a almost any common object into an input-device for your computer”. Instead of elaborating on how it works in a low-tech and verbose way, I’ll guide you to this link (check out the video).

I am happy to report that the Englewood Public Library is now the proud owners of 5 MaKey MaKeys, and we’re excited to use them for upcoming programs this summer and beyond.

Many thanks to the organizers and presenters at the CATS Division Winter Workshop for putting on such a fun and informative event!



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