Winter Workshop Experiences

Last month, I attended the CATS Winter Workshop thanks to a generous scholarship from the Colorado State Library. I am a Youth Services Librarian at Mesa County Libraries, which is located clear on the other side of the Rocky Mountains next to the Utah border. I made the trek from the Western Slope to Denver for the weekend, and had a fantastic time meeting colleagues from across the state, picking up great ideas for working with kids and teens, and enjoying a pretty tasty sandwich while voting for a mock Newbery winner.

I attended a hodgepodge of sessions for both children and teens throughout the day, and quite honestly, I got something out of each one. Two particular sessions that I was excited to share with my coworkers back home (and swipe ideas from), however, were “Stronger Video Skills in a Single Bound!” and “Peaceful Warriors and Om-Mazing Superpowers: Yoga at the Library.”

In “Stronger Video Skills in a Single Bound!,” presented by Jenny Veile from the University of Minnesota, we went over some good practical tips for making and helping with video projects. Jenny did a great job of offering easy-to-implement suggestions in just 45 minutes – I loved her “assignment” to create a video mashup and the example of “Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed.”

Jenny had a host of recommendations for those new to the video-making game, from good editing software, to framing shots, to lighting, to sound, to using green screens… it was quite impressive how much information she was able to pack into her talk without it seeming overwhelming.

“Peaceful Warriors and Om-Mazing Superpowers: Yoga at the Library” was a fun and relaxing way to round out the afternoon. Casey Feicht of Kids Yoga Guide and Andrea Cleland of Clearview Library District offered some hands-on training in implementing yoga into story times and youth programs for any age group. Their presentation was a lot of fun and I hope to use some of their tips in future programs of my own.

Overall, the CATS Winter Workshop was a great experience and I was happy to represent the Western Slope while meeting more friends from the Front Range.   I’m looking forward to the next CATS get-together I am able to attend!

Written by Hannah Evans, Youth Services Librarian, Mesa County Libraries


2 responses to “Winter Workshop Experiences

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Hannah! Feel free to ask away if you have any questions about yoga in the library. Shine on!
    (Andrea Cleland, the yogibrarian)

  2. Hannah, this was so lovely to hear. You totally made my day! I’m glad it was helpful for you! Please do get in touch ( if you ever have any questions and I’d love to see the videos you come up with sometime.

    Jenny Veile

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