Comicon and the Public Library

Submitted by Kate Alderete, MLIS student at DU

Comicon and the Public Library

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Children and Teen Services Winter Workshop. I am a DU MLIS student with some experience in the public library world and I will be graduating in June. This was a completely motivational conference for me. All through the breakout sessions, during Lu Benke’s keynote address and during afternoon yoga, I kept having these little aha moments. Moments when I felt excited about my chosen career path and inspired by the librarians I hope to someday work with!

Okay, so enough about me! Let’s talk Comic Con! Ashley Kazyaka, a fellow DU student and fantastic presenter, related information about the Colorado State Library’s presence at Denver Comic Con and how Comic Con can bring inspiration to various library programs.

We, as a group, talked openly about new ideas to bring “nerd culture” into the library and how to engage teens and kids with comic themed program and craft ideas.

Thinking of celebrating Comic Con at your library? Here’s a bit of what was discussed in this breakout session.

  • If you are thinking of cashing in on the Comic Con craze, make sure your graphic novel and comic book collection is not only up-to-date but in good condition.
  • Programs like craft competitions and dress up parties are engaging for all ages!
  • Utilize those old graphic novels and comic books that you’ve weeded for crafts! Teens will totally dig buttons featuring their favorite Superheroes!
  • Hit up local comic books stores for program ideas. Free Comic Book Day is on May 1st by the way, think “partnership!”
  • Cosplayers (people who dress to the 9’s for events like Comic Con) are often people who love to dress up! They may even be willing to make an in-character appearance at your library. If you go to Comic Con, use that natural librarian charm and get some numbers!
  • Don’t forget about, always trusty, Pinterest for craft ideas!

Here are some useful websites!

for cosplayers:

for Free Comic Book Day:

Colorado State Library’s Comic Con Facebook Page:

Colorado State Library’s Youtube channel:


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