CATS Summer Meeting August 14th, 2015

We’ve asked you to save the date…and now we have more information so you can RSVP and look forward to all the fun and exciting things that are in store for you.

WHEN: August 14, 2015 from 10 AM-3 PM

WHERE: At the Estes Valley Library

In honor of Estes Valley Library’s previous Storytime Exchanges in years past, we will be having a mini Storytime Idea Exchange as well as a Tween and Teen Program Idea Exchange concurrently for those of us who work with the older crowd.

After our breakout sessions you will be able to enjoy lunch at one of the many nearby restaurants in beautiful Estes Park.  Then back to work!  Although, most people would consider seeing the magic show, “Murdock’s Magical Delights”, and learning a few up-close magic tricks to use yourself would be more fun than work is allowed to be!

If you would like to share something at one of these (or both!) breakout sessions; and we hope you all will share something, no matter how small, please send a brief note to Nicole Burchfield, Chair Elect, so she can give you the details–

RSVP Here!


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