Colleague Spotlight


The CATS Board collaborated on ideas to spice up the blog.  The first idea that we came up with and was easy enough to implement was a colleague spotlight.  These are simple questions that are library related (for the most part) that will help us get to know our colleagues.  We started out with CATS Board members and our questions/answers can already be found under:

About–>Colleague Spotlight–>Name

I know some of us are jumping at the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, and others try to avoid them like the plague.  For that reason, I came up with the questions to be FUN and not like an interview.  Even our own Geoffrey Gregory (Jeff) said, and I quote, “…it really was fun to fill out and not a big deal at all.”

So come join us while we get to know each other just a little better, and maybe even get an idea of two.  I learned things about my fellow board members that I would never have found out with casual conversation.

Just click on Colleague Spotlight in the About drop down menu and email it to me to get posted.  Everyone that submits information about themselves will get posted.  My email is



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