CATS Division Fall Meeting 2016 Estes Park

Did you miss the CATS Division Fall Meeting in Estes Park? Here are the notes and some handouts from the meeting…enjoy!

CATS Division Fall Meeting Notes

Manipulation – Kerry Aiken handout

Game On! Lite handout

Storytelling Through Comics handout

Last Friday we had Adam from Pop Culture Classroom ( speak at our meeting in Estes Park. The Game On! Lite and Storytelling Through Comics handouts were also from Adam. As a follow up to our conversation he sent the following:

Many of the participants asked about legitimizing comics for parents and administrators, and I totally blanked on the following resources from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which has made great strides in researching and providing educational rationale behind reading comics.

The first link below is to general resources for librarians and educators, while the second resource is an excellent 18-page free e-book that talks about the value of comics from the perspective of how they foster literacy & reading development.


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