Response from Scholarship Recipient Kirsten Dees

Fun is the Final Product:  Process Art for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Presenters Kristen Bodine and Katie O’Brian

This was my favorite session of the day.  The session began with the participants making their own art using liquid starch and tissue paper shapes.  It was a good ice breaker. I talked to other librarians as we made art.

The librarians introduced us to process art.  I had heard of process art before, but I wanted to know more.  It is all about the process not the product.  There are no instructions to follow, no sample,  The project is child focused and directed.  The goal of my new  program series is for the children to be creative, learn, and have fun.  This fits in perfectly.

At the beginning of this year I started a new program series called Kids Club for ages 4-7 that is once a week.  I was seeking new ideas for this program and decided that this session sounded interesting.  I plan on using the ideas that they shared for Kids Club.  Children love to paint.  They want to paint every week. I just needed more ideas on types of activities that they could do with the paint.  Some of the ideas I am going to use are:  play music while painting, coffee filter watercolors, circle art, yarn painting, and tissue paper painting.  They also provided a list of resources for more information.

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas and information.

Kirsten Dees

Pueblo City County Library District


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