Response from Scholarship Recipient Jeanette Heath

I had a great time at the 2017 Winter CATs Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It was a fun learning experience for me I learned to branch out my outreach pool to churches. What a great idea! Never thought about it before but they have lots of kids programs that we could co sponsor with them. I even found some great resources for grants that I never thought of before to help with our STREAM projects.

I am even going to check with the schools to see if we could do a credit system for having the teens do volunteering or write reviews on our books. To have an incentive that benefits them at school as well as at the library is a great way to get them involved more at the library. Food is great but this will also teach them that it is a time worthy possibility for them to work hard, be reliable and feel good about what they have accomplished.

I loved the Grey Havens presentation at the end of the seminar who knew that kids could have such minds that physics became reality without anyone even realizing it.

I am currently working on getting the schools to work with us on the credit system, working with churches, and I am checking out a grant currently to help with the STREAM programming. I am going to be contacting Grey Havens about how to get a fandom going at our library!

Thank you CATs there is so much that I learned and would like to do from the conference that it is hard to get it all down.

Jeanette Heath
Public Service Librarian

Red Feather Lakes Community Library/Red Feather Mountain Library District


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