Response from Scholarship Recipient Rachel Salazar

Being able to come together with colleges and fellow librarians is always a great way to finalizing thoughts or start new ones. Never visiting Library 21c, I was blown away by how beautiful the architecture and atmosphere was. Since the setting was right, we were able to start our day off good. I enjoyed the overall day, but one particular session stood out to me was Teen Librarian-ing for Introverts. My location has a lot of teens, and sometimes they can be difficult to deal with. Whitney Walker from High Plains Library District is an introvert herself. She broke down how an introvert handles situations, and how they need to re-energized. Walker opened my eyes to the reasoning for the types of behavior that I typically see with teens and how to handle the situation appropriately. She also recommended great program ideas for your location is you have a lot of introverted teens, or if you are an introvert how to deal with teens. I am an extrovert, and sometimes it is hard for me to think twice about what an introvert is dealing with.

Thank you,

Rachel Salazar


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