Response from Scholarship Recipient Lisa Gills

It was an incredible day spent at the CATS Winter Workshop and I am very grateful to have attended as a scholarship recipient.  Thank you!!

I found the presentations engaging and thought-provoking.  While I enjoyed many of them, the three presentations that had the most impact for me were the following: 1) Fun is the Final Product.  It was important for me to learn the research behind the importance of process art versus product art for young children.  I occasionally include a craft during my story time and had gravitated toward product art in the past.  I now intend to add elements of both in my future planning. 2) Technology, Our Kids, Our Libraries offered well thought out tips and documented information on the need for those of us working in libraries to serve as media mentors, helping to support parents of children in their individual media practice decisions. It went well beyond just this topic and was very well prepared.  I liked that the two presenters were from different libraries and offered supportive information but exercised in different library settings. 3) Everything You Wanted to Know About Beginning Readers but Were Afraid to Ask: I wasn’t afraid to ask but I never imagined getting so much valuable information in such a short time as I received through this wonderful presentation.

I left with many new ideas and suggestions to pass on to my co-workers at the Lafayette Public Library.  It was even more meaningful for me to attend with my co-worker Dominique as we shared the excitement and discussed creative ideas from the day.  In addition to enjoying ourselves at the beautiful Library 21C, we often attended different presentations and then shared what we learned.  A great day!

Lisa Gills, Lafayette Public Library


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