CATS Division Spring Meeting in Durango Recap

The CATS Division Spring Meeting at the Durango Public Library turned out to be a fun, informative, and successful day!

We learned about how the Common Grounds Café got started and how the school district became involved.  We were even treated to some of the yummy pastries courtesy of the library and café!  They were delicious!

We then had an engaging presentation from the head coach of the US Youth Climbing Team headquartered in Durango as well as one of the team members.  They both gave very engaging and entertaining presentations about what it means to be and have a mentor.

Then on to lunch!  Many of us took a walk along the river trail to explore the beautiful spot the library is located in and enjoy food at the local eateries.

When we returned to the library we were treated to a tour of the Durango Botanic Gardens.  There was also time for us to network and chat about great programming ideas, challenges at our libraries, and swap some craft supplies.

Our day ended with a workshop to help us learn and brainstorm how to serve our EL patrons more efficiently.

All in all it was a great day!  (Some of us got sunburned on the way to lunch and back though…)

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the day and everyone who attended as well – it was a great experience!


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