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Full Steam Ahead!

And, the big news I have to share with you all on this beautiful Colorado Monday morning is that CATSIG is going to have to come up with a new name.  Why?  Because on Friday at the CAL Board meeting … Continue reading


Mock Newbery Winners!

Well, we discussed all the titles long and hard at our meeting last week.  It wasn’t easy, but we came up with our winner AND two honor books as well. The winner of our first Mock Newbery is…  (drumroll please!) … Continue reading


Mock Newbery voting this Friday!

I hope everyone has had a chance to read all the Mock Newbery titles we nominated at the CAL Annual Conference in Keystone last October.  It seems so long ago!  I know I still have a couple to read and … Continue reading


CCIRA 2013 Authors’ Festival – Feb. 9

Something good to know about: As part of CCIRA 2013 there will be an Authors’ Festival happening on Feb. 9. It is essentially writing workshops for kids grades 3-8, and takes place at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Registration is … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to new adventures with CATSIG an Interest Group of the Colorado Association of Libraries.  We are a group of library professionals with a mission to serve children, teens, and their caregivers in the best ways possible.

Our first meeting will be at The Loveland Public Library on Monday, April 30th from 1-4 pm.  We will discuss our goals for the next two years and share some tips and ideas with our colleagues.

Hope to see you all there!

Your Co-Chairs Cydney and Nicole